In 6 Steps to a real Husen

Husen provides you with steel- and steel hall construction from A to Z – from planning to production to final assembly. We are at your side from the first expert advice to the final acceptance or hand-over of keys. If you like, we can be in steady contact, if not – only at agreed milestones. Subsequently we will show you a typical project procedure at the example of a project.

1. Expert Advice

A first meeting and consultation reveal if you and Husen harmonise. Together we will talk about your conception, requirement and ideas – then we will clarify the basic conditions in order to realise your project. All relevant factors have to be considered right now. Economic efficiency, for example, a preferably short construction period, is one of the most important factors. Furthermore important – and often underestimated at first sight – is the flexibility of the planned building, for example with respect to future options of expansion and possible changes of use. But also creative items, environ- mental compatibility, fire- and corrosion protection etc. have to be taken into consideration. Nothing will be disregarded – nothing at all.

2. Planning & Layout

Have you got the architect's layout on hand? Great, then we can skip this item. In case you do not dispose of a planning, we are your competent partner. Our architects and engineers implement the aspects agreed during consultation into professional planning. By this way the plan for your steel construction project or steel hall that meets your requirements and conception is developed.

3. CAD & Production

If the plan finds your approval, we can continue with the detailed construction and the realisation. With the help of most modern technologies the plan is implemented in CAD-systems; single components are calculated and then produced in our own production. This is effected in a precise, fast and efficient way. 

4. Shipment & Transport

No doubt, smaller components are shipped, protected and transported in a fast way. That is OK because time is money – your money. Our logistics department loves challenges. The planning and execution of heavy goods transports by road or waterway are part of our daily business. We cooperate with experienced specialists in this field as safety plays an important role in logistics.

5. Assembly on-Side

If all required components are on site, our assemblers are ready to start. The custom-fit, marked components are sealed, screwed, welded or set in a competent and experienced way. Thus your steel project grows step by step – certainly, in a safe and precise way. In each phase the colleagues work with necessary accuracy. By the way: Husen's organisation is almost proverbial on our building sites. We minimise the required area and thus disturbances caused by the building site.

6. Assembly of Facade & Roof

If the steel construction is set up – at least as far as hall construction is concerned – details follow. Facade and roof are mounted. With regard to interior fittings, installations, equipment as well as doors and gates we cooperate with the best and most reliable partners. Did you know that the scope for design is all but unlimited? The choice of the most different profiles and colours (sensibly according to your Corporate Design) as well as possible combination with other materials are really impressing.